“Y’all Gonna Wish For A N*gga Like Me When I Ain’t Here…”

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There were successful spans afterwards, but in hindsight, T.I.’s career was never the same following the murder attempt on his life in May 2006 which coincidentally killed his best friend Philant Johnson. In 2007, Tip stood at one of the scariest and most pivotal crossroads of his career. T.I. Vs. T.I.P. was the follow up to the massively successful King; an album met with mixed reviews initially, but one that would ultimately become Grammy nominated. Then, the gun charges.

Those two events represented the microcosm that was Clifford’s life as a whole. Success in a constant tug of war with his own personal demons. The album’s closing track, “My Type,” was already a highlight to begin with. Yet following the arrest which would later have him fighting for his life for the second time in three years, the record’s message held added significance. It showcased a rapper in touch with his own mortality and one, eerily enough, who seemed to be anticipating his own demise. He sounded depressed. More than anything though, he sounded like man petrified of the next stage of his life evident through the line, “Life ain’t always a dream and horrible shit happens.” Indeed. Indeed.

T.I. – “My Type”

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