Rich Homie Quan Felt “Some Type of Way” About Michigan State’s Rose Bowl Win Last Night

01.02.14 4 years ago 11 Comments

Rich Homie Quan Mark D'Antonio Michigan State Spartans

The Michigan State Spartans had a strange season to say the least, as they recently concluded 2013 with a 24-20 victory over Stanford in the Rose Bowl on Wednesday night.

For anyone familiar with the program (i.e. anyone who follows B1G football), the Spartans not only didn’t sh*t the bed by season’s end, but head coach Mark D’Antonio actually smiled, the team won a B1G Ten title and the players earnestly embraced Rich Homie Quan. That latter “the f*ck” moment reached its conclusion last night in Pasadena when the Atlanta trap rapper appeared with D’Antonio during celebrations, which can be seen above.

The Spartans obviously felt some sort of way to let Quan kick it with them post-victory because everyone from MSU’s athletic director to D’Antonio to former players were angling to get the rapper to the game. MLive had a great story on how this whole picture came to be, which nearly fell to sh*t because logistics were getting in the way (Quan played a New Year’s Eve show in Charlotte, North Carolina).

The MLive story also details how this whole, weird synergistic relationship started in the first place, reaching a head when D’Antonio–after embracing his players’ embracing of Quan in post-game celebrations–shouted out Quan on live television following the Spartans’ victory in the B1G Ten championship game on Dec. 7.

Anyways, Quan was really ’bout that State love.

Update: Just enjoy these additional videos of Coach Mark D’Antonio repeatedly referencing Quan’s song.

Photo: Landgrant33

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