Rich Kid Shawty Feat. T.I. – “Get Your Girl” Video

10.28.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

The countdown to lockdown marches on and Clifford Harris finds himself is a familiar position. There’s the studio time, then there’s the video shoots and on top of that, interview requests have to be granted. That’s not even including family time. Still, someone has to keep the revenue stream flowing into the Harris household and a third season of Tiny & Toya seems unlikely.

As T.I. can attest to, prison is stressful, regardless if you’re there 11 months or 11 days. So it only makes sense Tip attempts to have some fun before being subjected to his “three hots and a cot.” And what better place defines fun than a titty bar. A titty bar in Atlanta, at that. Fuck A Mixtape was not the post-prison-project people were expecting, but the annoying chick anthem “Get Yo Girl” with Rich Kid Shawty – Chris Johnson’s twin – was type dope.

The video is cool and to be expected, but the song probably takes on an entirely new life within the friendly confines of Strokers, Magic City and Onyx. I will say, the teamwork in this video is admirable, particularly at the 3:43 mark. That type in the beginning of the video, however, is not.

Rich Boy and Yelawolf’s version wasn’t anything to look down on either

Let’s enjoy the time we have with “The King” and partake in another visual while we’re at it, “Ya Hear Me.”

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