Rick Ross Will Do Anything To Make You Listen To His ‘Supreme’ Remix

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08.12.14 11 Comments

rick ross supreme remix

Realistically, if Keith Sweat wasn’t enough to draw people to “Supreme,” it’s hard to imagine what’s will. Hard for most to imagine, but not for Rick Ross. Nope, if at first he doesn’t succeed, Rozay knows a remix featuring rapping comrades will surely bring the listners in.

Mastermind was short-lived for most. Just the usual Maybach affair that we’ve grown so accustomed to that each subsequent release loses its staying power in a smaller amount of time. But, Ross’ is pushing “Supreme” as a single, having released the video recently, and pulling out all the stops by bringing in Fabolous, Big K.R.I.T. and recently reactivated Ma$e. Even Katt Williams pops in from doing whatever the hell he was doing to lend his vocals to the intro.

Honestly, it’s the most MMG thing that could be done since none of these artists have any real connection. Ross’ banks on the fact that our curiosity to hear one of them will subsequently make people want to hear the whole thing and maybe like the song.

The biggest standout here is Fab who fills his verse with quotables (“I f*ck yo b*tch froggystyle, word to Melvin, Baby Boy sh*t, you on some maybe boy sh*t…”) since talking about cakin’ hoes fits right into his playboy image. That’s not to say that K.R.I.T. doesn’t bring his A-game (“Got a bad bitch that love to suck and fuck until I’m snorin'”) but since this song is going nowhere fast, I would’ve been just fine if he and Fab saved their verses for themselves.

Instead, expect this one to get lost and forgotten by the time the song finishes playing as the treads are starting to show on the Maybach tires.

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