Rick Ross – “Bound 2” (Freestyle)

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01.01.14 12 Comments

rick ross

Rick Ross wants to be the first rapper everyone hears as he looks to get the jump on the new year. Right now, Ricky’s resolution is most likely to get people excited about Mastermind after the project suffered a push back, which could be telling in terms where MMG’s momentum stands right now.

Leading men usually don’t see their dates change by months without something causing the delay. Maybe it’s a song clearance or special appearance he’s waiting on, but, in rap, we all know the label throws up the stop sign when fans don’t seem to be responding to pleas for pre-orders and sales of singles.

My memory isn’t the best but I do recall hearing “No Games” played heavily on radio for a few months so maybe they’re trying to pinpoint the right follow-up singles to make Mastermind matter. Whatever the case, I still think it’s too early to count MMG down and out, mostly because no one else has stepped in to fill their lane of celebratory club tunes. They haven’t lost ground, however they do need to crank out a couple of bangers to reaffirm their position.

Anyway, here’s Rick Ross rapping out inconsequential Rick Ross things over Kanye’s “Bound 2.” I just wanted to use the song to lead into what looks like Rozay and Reebok making amends since the rapper posted up a few photos of the Kamikaze, an old Shawn Kemp model, on his Instagram page. Guess the heat blew over and the companies trying to slip Ross in the backdoor as a spokesman again?

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