Rick Ross Gets His Britney Spears On For The ‘Crocodile Python’ Video

12.08.15 2 years ago 4 Comments

Rick Ross’ latest offering, Black Market, debuted last Friday and it was among my personal shortlist of albums to check out over the weekend. His music’s always been a fun listen and this one was no exception. I was expecting it to be the traditional, cookie cutter Rawse, and while to a degree it was, Black Market also showed some significant artistic development on his behalf.

Most notably, he sounds like’s he’s grown up. The undertones of this album are pensive almost, like he’s looking back and reflecting on his life. He sounds reserved, quieter, but more precise and sharper, especially on songs like “Free Enterprise” and “Crocodile Python.” His bars are on point and even his flow seems leaner, more dynamic and fluid. It’s a stark contrast to the usual bombastic, grunting style that we’ve been used the last few years. He’s finally let down the curtains of his character, and invited the listener in.

And on “Crocodile Python” the hook pays homage to B.I.G. but it’s not corny, and it fits the record. He’s aggressive, but controlled in his flow and it makes for some great delivery on the finished product, something that Rick Ross isn’t usually known for. The video channels the obvious reptilian theme by adorning Rozay with snakes and also simultaneously shows a street narrative of detectives trying to get a couple low-level goons to rat on Rick Ross.

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