Rick Ross Feat. T.I. – “Bury Me A G” Video

10.04.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

These MMG guys must pick which songs to shoot videos for out of a hat or something because they’re all random as hell. This go-round, “Bury Me A G” receives the visual treatment equipped with funeral homes, coffins, cemeteries and, of course, T.I.

A decent collaboration between the two, it is, and yet another feather in the cap of Hip-Hop’s long-term obsession with the afterlife. Ross was on to something though. Whenever I do have to check out of here – hopefully decades down the road – the request of being put six feet under in clean draws will still stand. I’m trying to arrive at the pearly gates suited, booted and fresh. Entering heaven with dirty draws is not the impression one needs to make.

In the spirit of Self Made Vol. 2, however, no one with a voice of influence in that camp thought it would be a wise idea to give some sort of push for the project’s best track? You know, the Omarion one – “M.I.A.” The business decisions behind not doing so I’ll never know, but from the outside looking in, your favorite Maybach owners (or leasers) dropped the ball on that one. Omarion should have had one of the more notable singles of the summer.

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