Rick Ross Feat. Wale – “Make It Rain” Video (NSFW)

03.09.11 7 years ago 13 Comments

Wale’s signing to Maybach Music Group is still out for debate in the court of public opinion. That’s not stopping him from enjoying the fruits of his new found situation with 2010’s MVP however. To commemorate the business venture, The Bawse and Folarin celebrated how any red-blooded American rapper would – by hitting the strip club.

Before we move forth, stop right here. If you are at work, just wait until you get home. Trust me, it’s not that serious. Or you could simply enjoy the musings of my narration (I recommend that). But whatever you do, clicking play is not an option. Getting called into your boss’ office for watching a video which could be deemed as a softcore porn would be hard to explain, but good for office gossip on your behalf. Then again, if you work at one of those jobs which could careless what their employees do as long as their jobs are completed, grab some headphones and be prepared for a sea full of nakedness with Travis Porter’s “Make It Rain” fueling the p-popping.

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