Rick Ross Ft. French Montana, Meek Mill + Diddy – “Bout That Life”

09.11.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

rick ross bout that life

How you receive a new Rick Ross-helmed Maybach Music record totally depends on your mood and not the music itself. The biggest Bawse’s records generally stick to familiars instead of deviating from the formula. The beat, the features, the lyrical content are all always the same. What normally changes is how your life’s going on any particular day when you happen to encounter one of these joints.

For example, “No Games” released last Thursday and I think my day was rather busy so listening to it was more of a hindrance than anything else. Boring as f*ck and stopping me from doing whatever it was I had going on at the moment when I listened. Maybe it was setting my fantasy football rosters before the first game kicked off. Who knows.

Today, I’m in a better mood while listening to “Bout That Life” and I like it more. Has anything really changed? Nope, same standard Ross that we’ve heard for the past couple of years.

The only wild card here is Puffy, who not only throws in his patented ad-libs but also spits what sounds like a ghostwritten verse. I’m sure if I listened to it a few more times I could lay a finger on who penned his words but I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to waste all this positive energy and good will on this one.

Two other things:

1. I’m almost at that point with Ric Flair samples. This one is repeat-worthy though. I’m going to try and memorize it by repeating it in the mirror while getting dressed.

2. French co-opted the hell out of Hov’s “Do It Again” flow and did a damn good job on it.

The track’s from Self-Made Vol. 3.

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