Rick Ross Ft. Jay Z – “The Devil Is A Lie”

12.19.13 4 years ago 64 Comments

rick ross the devil is a lie

The two frequent collaborators continue their favor-for-a-favor connection. Throughout the years, Jay-Z and Rick Ross’s records together have been amongst the strongest in their respective catalogs from 2006 onward. Something about Ricky brings out a fire in Jigga, that’s been harder and harder to spark as the years go by. The double-time flow returns and he sounds like he’s fighting to recapture the throne again.

“Devil Is A Lie” continues the trend. Ross does his thing and Hov just shows out. The blaring horns bring a jazzy zest to the track that give it quite the unique sound. That’s even before we hear either emcee’s voice. And once they start spitting, well, we have one of the strongest songs of the year released just in time to close out 2013.

Update: Adding in an extra with this video clip of the track’s producer, K.E. On The Track. Watch and listen as if gives a quick breakdown on how the beat came to life and also he shares some of his musical history.

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