Rick Ross: I Don’t Have A Gangster Disciple Problem

12.11.12 5 years ago 69 Comments

Rick Ross gets on the radio to clarify the circumstances regarding his recent string of Maybach Music tour cancellations. Speaking to Felisha Monet of 99 Jamz in Miami, Ross spills and lets the world know that he’s good in any hood, despite the persistent rumors (and videos) that would indicate that members of the Gangster Disciples don’t want him around their towns.

According to Ross, janky promoters and miscommunication caused the tour to be derailed. The biggest bawse goes on to say that if it were about that other life, he “could put 1000 gangsters in any hood” and references recent footage of himself stunting in Chicago, “the birthplace of the GDs” as proof that the rumors are inaccurate.

In the second clip, Rozay says his intentions were to choke Jeezy during their squabble at the BET Hip-Hop Awards but “it wasn’t nothing personal.” When asked would bad happen again if he and Jeezy crossed paths, he states “that’s an option.” He also mentions that while he was mobbing around all day, 50 Cent was “staying in his trailer.”

All in, it’s a lot of bold talk so be safe, Ross. The rap thing is a fun, entertaining sport. But that’s it – entertainment. Speaking on these gangs and beefs could potentially rile up individuals whose reality is violence versus the fiction of rap. At the end of the day, nobody wants to truly see those two worlds cross since the results most likely wouldn’t be good.

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