Rick Ross Puts His ‘Famous’ Renzel Remix Touch On Kanye’s ‘Pablo’ Track

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
Rick Ross Kanye West Famous Remix lead

Maybach Music

Rick Ross rarely runs across a beat he doesn’t like or at least hear a potential Renzel Remix in it. The latest track to get the Maybach touch applied to it is Kanye’s original, “Famous.” Although he wasn’t invited to ‘Ye’s The Life Of Pablo party, Ross has worked with the eccentric MC-producer enough times to know how to find his place within the groove. He rhymes, “Tours looking like its Wrestlemania, I’m The Rock setting fires to the stadium, Burn it down then I’m off to anther beat” and you know it’s only a matter of time before he rips off about five to 10 these straight before bundling them up in a convenient zip file as he’s done before.

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