Rick Ross – “Yella Diamonds” Video

02.08.12 6 years ago 12 Comments

I don’t know bout you guys, but I’ve spent the last few weeks playing Rich Forever over and over again. And I mention this because these days a staying power of more than one week is just magnificent. Production-wise, the project is nothing new. Rozay’s hand picking of beats has remained impeccable but his flow has distinctly progressed since Teflon Don eighteen months ago. Not only that, his lyrics have come a long way as well. After all, it’s a significant achievement for anybody to keep with Nas bar-for-bar on “Triple Beam Dreams.” And that’s just scratching the surface. “Fuck ‘Em” already got the Notable Quotable distinction, and the trio of “Holy Ghost,” “MMG Untouchable,” and “High Definition,” hits just as hard.

It’s actually very surprising to me that Ross sounds this ambitious at this stage in his career. I’d even go so far as to say he’s hungrier now than he was when he first blew up. A few years ago, even his biggest hits were just lazy, drawling, monotonous and it didn’t take more than a few minutes to tune it out. But these days he has a variety of well proportioned spices in his pantry, as clearly heard on Rich Forever’s second single, “Yella Diamonds.” The record is less on the aggressive side, but made up for in exquisite braggadocio — and it’s still excellent nonetheless. Now if only I had enough dough to get me a pair of those canary rocks too.

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