Rick Rubin’s Ice Bucket Challenge Is The Most Zen Of Them All

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Words By Ashan

Not to beat the Ice Bucket Challenge to death but music mogul Rick Rubin took the Internet phenomenon to such a level that it would be foolish for us not to mention.

In response to Eminem’s nomination, Rubin took a non-traditional route by filling a whole bathtub with ice to the edge. He then continued by fully submerging himself in the tub while clasping his hands in prayer form- seemingly not giving a f*ck that hypothermia is a very real thing at that point.

In a recording that was shot using all types of filters and effects, as well as some incredibly ominous audio, Rubin managed to turn a lighthearted challenge to raise awareness for ALS into a twisted horror movie trailer. He closed the clip by nominating Frank Ocean, Owen Wilson and Vincent Gallo to also complete the challenge. The only way I see any of those dudes topping Rick is by going full David Blane and freezing themselves.

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