Rick Vs. The Don

09.27.08 9 years ago 15 Comments

You know how you watch Animal Planet and they chronicle the cheetah whoopin every animals ass. Then the music slows down & only looming sounds play as the cheetah faces off with an equal or even greater foe, like a tiger or some bad ass antelope.

This is one of those square-off’s lol.

The tension is because Mr. Cornelius once told Rick that he wouldn’t be shit…and, of course, history shows Rick proved him wrong. Here, they trade slick barbs. You gotta love some real live, unscripted TV.

“Could one of you girls blow on my face?”

“You couldn’t afford me Rick.”

Oh yeah, The Artist Whose Name We Shall Not Speak, he jacked a whole lot of his persona mimicking Rick. Believe that. Check Rick’s autobio for evidence.

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