Rico Love Delivers ‘Strip Club Pt. 2’

03.24.15 3 years ago

Rico Love Strip Club Pt. 2

As an acquiescent, unnamed woman drops it like its hot amidst a slow motion downpour of dirty Washingtons, Rico Love’s voice starts booming across the speakers, with the bassline shaking the stubby straw in your watered down DeLeon and pineapple. It feels like Velcro on your feet as you try to take a step but the combination of spilled beer, mixer and cheap champagne has your new Jordans cemented to the floor. When you become a familiar face at the skin swap, they welcome your presence by playing “Strip Club Part 2” as you enter.

Rico has been crafting hits for everyone from Usher and Beyonce to Sean Kingston and Rick Ross, so it’s no surprise that he saved a few fireworks for his upcoming debut album, Turn the Lights On. With a combination of singing and rapping, Love brings that last-call vibe from the strippers into your speakers with such smooth delivery that it almost makes you want to cancel dinner with your girlfriend and Yelp the local shake joint. Pay attention – Rico is coming for his own this time.

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