Dear Rihanna…

12.15.09 7 years ago • 49 Comments

If you wanted to be taken into consideration for one of our Cooler posts all you had to do was ask.

Hell, we’d have to give you a week or two, in all reality.  Because I’m willing to bet Gotty™, TC, J. Tinsley, David D. (who has tons of free time right now), Contra™, Devin, K1NG, Patrick M. & myself would all be willing to clear our schedules for a TSS photo shoot.  Shoot, I bet we could even get S. Cadet to put the joysticks down long enough to snap a few picks.

Anywho, consider this our standing invitation.  We’re definitely Pro-RiRi over here & will be waiting for a reply.




Oh yeah, as added bonuses…

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