Dear Rihanna…

12.15.09 8 years ago 49 Comments

If you wanted to be taken into consideration for one of our Cooler posts all you had to do was ask.

Hell, we’d have to give you a week or two, in all reality.  Because I’m willing to bet Gotty™, TC, J. Tinsley, David D. (who has tons of free time right now), Contra™, Devin, K1NG, Patrick M. & myself would all be willing to clear our schedules for a TSS photo shoot.  Shoot, I bet we could even get S. Cadet to put the joysticks down long enough to snap a few picks.

Anywho, consider this our standing invitation.  We’re definitely Pro-RiRi over here & will be waiting for a reply.




Oh yeah, as added bonuses…

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