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I will be a slight bit pissed if McGruder doesn’t bring the Boondocks back off hiatus

I won’t front. I’ve always tried to follow it daily in my browse through the daily news. And when the local paper stopped running it, I managed to check it online at least once or twice a week. I’ve got all the books he’s penned.

And one thing I admire about McGruder and the strip is that he’s always got something to say. Always. It’s always current and relevant (an inspiration for this most days when I choose to write? Perhaps.)

He’s always been unafraid to take the not-so-popular stance and I admire his willingness to do so, and continue doing so with the cartoon…But I’m too goddamn old to be watching cartoons. Never too old to read the comics though.
And ritually, we all need that daily dose, that reality check…

So bring that beat back – Chuck D.

Here’s a few books I’ve picked up @ the local library last week, since I paid my big ass fine and renewed my card after nine years of arguing w/the bastards…

For The Sins Of My Father: A Mafia Killer, His Son and the Legacy of Mob Life – simply the story of growing up the son of a mobster, if you could actually call that lifestyle simple. And if it were just any mobster. The story follows Al DeMeo as he grows up the son of Roy DeMeo , a member of the Gambino family…and a pretty notorious hitman. Albert comes of age & comes into knowing the truth of his father’s business early…& embraces it. No stretched out Sopranos shit here, although you can read a few traces that the series may have picked up for inspiration. The most intriguing parts are definitely the crime stories, but there’s also a hint of reality when Albert tells of life after his father’s death.

Anything Goes!: What I’ve Learned From Pundits, Politicians, and Presidents – Easily the best of the bunch. This is the second book I’ve read that Larry King has penned & I’m sold on the man…and I’ve never watched his show. In the book, he recounts some of the biggest historical events of the 90’s – O.J., Clinton’s many scandals & his presidency, NAFTA (I never gave a fuck about NAFTA before)…and the media’s burgeoning role in disseminating news as soon as it’s new…basically, to the point where we are now w/the internet. If you grew up in the 90’s and all these events were on the news, but you didn’t internalize or understand them, here’s your chance.

Coach K: Building The Duke Dynasty – I’ve always found college sports dynasties interesting, only because it involves so many individuals opting in to & actively participating in someone else’s philosophy…& like it or not, Coach K’s built a dynasty. Might as well try to figure out some of the secrets behind his success, although this just seems like a gushfest…okay at best but I’ll look for something penned by Coach K himself.

No Woman, No Cry: My Life With Bob Marley – I haven’t cracked this one open just yet. Having read three different biographies on Bob, understanding his impact and his infidelities, I’m just curious as to how Sister Rita dealt with it all and managed to stand strong beside him, musically and in love.

We may or may not make the self-imposed deadline for a Session on Sunday.
Me and Nquest are about to hit the road to Memphis to hang with Kareem as he works on the new Project Pat video, aptly titled “Raised In The Projects.”

I think we’ll be in the Dixie Homes. So if you’re in the M, swing by & holler @ your folks.

We’ll try to bring back some pics, some words from Pat…or some dumb ass story to tell you.

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2Pac – 2Pacalypse Now

CPO – To Hell and Black

Chicago Bears – Super Bowl Shuffle

Jr. Mafia – Conspiracy Theory

Sadat X – Black October

Stic.Man(of Dead Prez) & Young Noble(of The Outlawz) – Solider 2 Soldier

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