“Rising Up Is The Best Song I Ever Heard.”

05.05.08 10 years ago 27 Comments

During a forty minute road trip, I was calling all of my friends and repeating that same sentence. In the day or so since then, I’ve come back to earth…but dammit this song is definitely worth some hyperbole.

The trio of Chrisette Michelle, Black Thought and Wale blend perfectly. Black gives his standard good to great verses with a catchy refrain and a nod to the forefathers of Go-Go (‘I’ll show you where my Rare Essence is at”).

Anyone who has ever been to a Roots show has been familiar with their radio mash-up segment in which they go give a few big singles the acoustic treatment. Well, “Rising Up” allows the group to give the Go-Go tradition their own twist and hotdamn ?uest straight turned the genre on its head. These are the sickest drums you will hear on a song anytime soon. He adds some double-time drums to the standard Go-Go beat, making some seemingly impossible drum rolls throughout (just check the drum roll at the beginning of the final hook).

I have no clue why I haven’t heard this song on the radio yet.

Good rappers ain’t eatin, they Olson twinnin…”

The Roots Feat. Wale and Chrisette Michele – Rising Up

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