Rittz – “White Jesus” Video

03.16.11 7 years ago 12 Comments

Want to kill your enemies with cold, hard religion? Read them Ezekiel 25:17. If you’re looking to offer them salvation in the form of Hip-Hop, Rittz walks the path of rap righteousness with his chuuch approved tape, White Jesus. The dark and light, good and evil meet on center stage for the ultimate face off as Jonny Valiant spits is verses faster than you generally pass the offering plate.

Directed by Yelawolf (whose appearance teeter the lines of borderline hilarity and downright weird), the Slumamericans continue to push their personalized envelope with contents that don’t hold the keys to heaven and hell but still pack enough fire and brimstone to singe your iPod’s internal hard drive.

Download — DJ Burn One & Slumerican Present Rittz – White Jesus

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