Praise Jah! Mayor Rob Ford Declares “Bob Marley Day” In Toronto

02.06.14 4 years ago 19 Comments

Mayor Rob Ford

Toronto’s top shotta Rob Ford has has expressed his love for all things Jamaica in a rather noble way, by declaring today Bob Marley day in Ontario’s capital city. February 6 is the late, great, Robert Nesta Marley’s birthday, and the fallen reggae artist is beloved in Toronto by its substantial Caribbean population, and probably everyone else with working ears.

As a DC native, I tired of the comparisons of Rob Ford to Marion Barry pretty quickly, but they do share an uncanny knack for countering huge public mistakes with very endearing flashes of humanity and humor. I mean, how can you not like this guy? Sure, he may have a few charred stems lying around his office, and yes, he looks a lot like Chris Farley’s motivational speaker character Matt Foley, but who among us hasn’t spoken out of turn or ordered a jailhouse beating or two?

I’m just hoping that he continues on his current path, and gets caught with one of Toronto’s many video vixens, or maybe even punches a reporter in the face. Then he can stop worrying about the stresses of public service and complete the heel turn like his fellow Canadian Justin Bieber. Can you say collaboration album?

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