Watch Rob Ford Truck Stick Reporters As He Attempts To Run Away From Them

03.20.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

Laughing at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s antics is always a great people-bonding exercise. The fact remains, however, the guy still has several black clouds hanging over his head. The most serious of which currently is the release of new court documents detailing his crack smoking shenanigans.

Instead of the local T-Dot media asking the mayor his thoughts of the Raptors’ impending playoff birth, the swarm of reporters toss hard hitting questions at Rob Base in regards to his controversial theatrics. And to his credit, he did a solid job ignoring the obvious attempts to get under his skin. That was until The White Marion Barry hit the steps and launched into a full-fledged sprint – well, sprint for a man his size – barreling through cameramen in the process.

Big man had some moves on him, too. Pending these allegations dissolve themselves and MTV ever decides to bring back Rock N’ Jock anything, we’ve got our first offensive lineman/power forward/designated hitter right here.

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