“Robbin Hood Theory…”

05.02.08 10 years ago 31 Comments

I was going to come in here & tell you to listen to Gang Starr’s Hard To Earn today, but then I was torn and decided to go with Moment Of Truth instead. And here’s four reasons why…

1. “I am invaluable, to my niggaz/as an old rusty ass .32 (Better than nothinnn!)” — Billy Danze on “B.I. Vs. Friendship.”

2. “Your bitch don’t really got no ass, she just poked it out” — Keithy E. on “Work.”

3. Guru & Inspectah Deck tombstoning “Above The Clouds.”

4. “Make money money — GO SHOPPIN!
Take money money — GO SHOPPIN!
No matter what the weather, winter spring or fall
We’ll be doin it…’at the mall’.”

The chorus of “The Mall.”

Gang Starr – Moment Of Truth

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