Robin Thicke & VH1’s #AskThicke Went Absolutely Wrong, As Expected

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
07.01.14 36 Comments

Why oh why do celebrities and entertainers keep trying “Ask Me Anything” sessions via Twitter? No, let me rephrase that. Why do celebs and entertainers with dirty laundry and a closet full of rotting human corpses continue to try these Q&A sessions via social media? Was #AskRKelly going down in flames not enough proof?

As of today, Tuesday, July 1, we can now add Robin Thicke to the list of those who watched their fan-driven media approach go wrong before it got off the ground. Partnering with VH1, Thicke – and his team, we’ll assume – decided that the perfect vehicle for promoting his new album Paula would be to open up and let fans fire questions using the hashtag #AskThicke. And fire away is exactly what people did, peppering the singer with a wild variety of questions regarding consent, begging/stalking, his marriage and just all around hammering him.

Sucks for whatever VH1 employee(s) had the task sifting through the snark to find tweets Thicke could possibly have an answer to. The ones below are the best of the worst, obviously ones that didn’t get a response from the singer but got laughs from everyone else.

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