Robin Van Persie Is Now A Man U Red Devil

08.16.12 6 years ago 14 Comments

The calm surrounding Robin Van Persie’s exit from Arsenal this summer was all a mirage. His departure was an inevitable conclusion that was never destined to remain undecided. So yesterday, August 15, 2012 marks Van Persie’s transfer to hated EPL rivals Manchester United for an estimated sum of 20 million pounds, pending medicals.

With that in mind, here are three quick points on Van Persie’s northerly move.

1. The fact that Manchester United—that club of dubious finances and an all-world attacking force—swooped for the Dutch international’s services is the most surprising bit of this transfer. Remember that United recently went public with its stock, signaling that it’s trying a variety of ways to shore up its finances. Bringing on Van Persie is great, but was it necessary? The team employs Javier Hernandez, Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck and Dimitar Berbatov and every penny it now spends will face scrutiny. Especially when the team needs more viable depth in the back*, enlisting Van Persie seems somewhat superfluous.

2. The Gunners squads of Henry, Campbell and Cole seem forever ago, as the North London club seems unable to hold onto its marquee players. Fans across the EPL could give two sh*ts, but let’s not forget the beautiful front-to-back attacking that Arsenal revolutionized over the past 15 years. It’s sad that the club is now a shell of its former self and feels as barren as an East Cleveland street in E. 1999 Eternal.

3. Consider Dimitar Berbatov as good as gone. Berbatov never received the fairest treatment at United, settling for glorified substitutions during his four years with the club. But that’s no fault of his own, as he was never as electric as Hernandez or as omnipotent as Rooney. He notched 56 goals for the club (and 21 in a phenomenal 2010-11 season), so expect the Bulgarian to fetch a princely sum when prospective suitors come calling.


* – Although Nemanja Vidic believes he and Rio Ferdinand could form the best central defensive tandem in the EPL, the two need to actually stay healthy for a full season before that happens.

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