Robinson Cano Reportedly Signs $240 Million Seattle Mariners Deal

12.06.13 4 years ago 51 Comments

Words by Bansky

Scott Boras, you over baby!

Robinson Cano has reportedly signed a 10-year $240 million deal with the Seattle Mariners, with an assist from his agent, Shawn Carter.

According to USA Today Seattle’s initial offer was for “only” eight years and $200 million, a fair deal for the 31-year-old star who is entering his 10th year in the majors. Eventually that was raised to 9 years and $225 million, to which the Cano team countered with 10 years $260 million. Several outlets were reporting that Jay “blew it” when it came to the deal with the counteroffer. I guess not.

The deal is officially the third biggest contract in the history of the sport, tied with the deal the Anaheim Angels’ Albert Pujols signed before last season, and behind the last two Alex Rodriguez contracts. Hov hadn’t done much on the sports agent front since news broke that Kevin Durant and Gatorade had severed ties in October, and really this is the first big deal of his tenure as a sports agent, and in true Jay Z fashion, it’s huge. It seems media outlets were quick to jump at the chance to take a few shots at the rapper turned agent, but not only did he reportedly push a hard bargain, but he won. Guess he can walk and chew gum at the same time.

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