Rocawear Barbies By Mattel

07.09.09 9 years ago 23 Comments

There are those who like to do their Christmas shopping in July. Got that one niece (or maybe even a nephew) who’s just unbearably hard to shop for? Worry no more.

Just buy them a Rocawear Barbie.

The folks at Rocawear just sent over a collection of Mattel Barbie dolls inspired by Rocawear’s upcoming 10th-year anniversary. Although we don’t have complete details about the partnership between Mattel and Rocawear, we do have some cool photos of both male and female Barbie’s. As you can see, the dolls are freshly dipped in Rocawear apparel.

In the female dolls, I think I see traces of Beyonce, Foxy…but no traces of Amil? She’s always gettin’ the shaft.

At this point, I’m going to break away from my keyboard. I need to pray & make amends for any & all recent transgressions. The world is obviously nearing its end.

Seen @ Jimmy Jazz via DS

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