Ron Artest Is Giving Away His Championship Ring

09.13.10 7 years ago 14 Comments

I think I may have underestimated the genius that is Ron Artest. Whether we know it or not, it would seem that he has a master plan for everything. For him, the championship was a means of securing his re-entry into Hip-Hop and opportunity to promote his shrink. Now for next act, he plans on raising money to benefit mental institutions by hocking his championship ring without having ever putting it on. After working for his entire career to earn that precious metal, he’s generously decided to put it up for sale in a selfless effort to help hundreds of aspiring psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists attend school.

“Artest plans to soon announce details of what he hopes will become a worldwide auction, and he takes possession of the jewelry in an Oct. 26 pre-game ceremony before the Lakers open against the Rockets. It’s an incredible gesture. But it’s even more meaningful as a statement.

“You work so hard to get a ring, and now you have a chance to help more people than just yourself, instead of just satisfying yourself,” he said. “What’s better than that? For me, this is very important.” [NBA]

Apparently, Ron Ron’s come to terms with the fact that he’s a complete and utter nutcase and he’s willing to invest any amount of money into his future, hoping that a future quack will discover the cure to his lunacy. One would imagine that donating a percentage of “Champions” iTunes sales would have been a sizable donation, but I guess in this waning music industry, that might not amount to much.

Either way, good plan Ron.

H/T: Ball Don’t Lie

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