Ron Isley & Trey Songz’s “Lay You Down” Is Your Next Late-Night Bar Anthem, Specifically Friday’s

07.17.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

Two completely different generations of R&B in the iconic Ron Isley and Trey Songz unleash their collaboration “Lay You Down” found on Mr. Biggs’ forthcoming album This Song Is For You. Honestly, the track isn’t bad either. I mean, it’s not an instant classic. And it’s not Ron and Robert, but it should be judged on its own merit in the first place. Is the song enough to make someone buy the album who was previously on the fence? I’m not sure.

But I tell you this. There’s a Friday’s up the street from my apartment and every Thursday a DJ plays music there. The music starts off up-tempo and current, but towards closing time the mood changes. At least it did this one instance.

Awhile back, when I was working at my old job, I ended up having to stay late finishing a project and didn’t get off until 11:00. Before heading back home, I decided to hit Friday’s up for a drink because when there’s $3 Long Islands and half-off appetizers, there was just no turning back once I pulled in the parking lot.

Expecting the usual run of Drake, Ross, Kanye, etc. heard on WPGC, imagine my surprise when “Between The Sheets” is playing and there’s a couple off in the distance slow dancing. In Friday’s! It was like a retroactive prom or something. Anywho, I sit down at the bar and there are couples everywhere looking into each other’s eyes more than likely faded out of their mind whispering who knows what the hell is going to happen once that Cialis pill kicks in. Noticing that I felt trapped in some parallel universe, my usual bartender dropped off a drink, a menu, turned the TV to ESPN, looked at me and laughed.

Marvin Gaye, Keith Sweat, H-Town and any other song all but begging to take a lady home was given a chance to work its magic. In all honesty, too, it wasn’t a bad playlist and I’m sure quite a few people ended up getting some ass that night. I say all that to say this though. Ron Isley and Trey Songz’s “Lay You Down” is destined to be a late-night bar anthem. It’s raunchy enough to order two Jack & Coke’s for the road and let the liquid courage say “hey, it’s after midnight, so…” And it’s also just clean enough to play in public settings like a Friday’s bar where all morals vacate the premises after 10 p.m.

Late-night bar music, folks. It’s a genre of music basically untapped. No pun intended, of course.

Ronald Isley Ft. Trey Songz – “Lay You Down”


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