Ron Ron Takes On Chelsea Lately

06.24.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

As I was finishing pecking on the keyboard last night, the wife alerted me that two of my favorite people were about to be on TV together: Ron Artest & Chelsea Handler. Truthfully, the interview was only so-so…but I spent the majority of it marveling @ Ron Ron’s outfit, which was complete pants from what I first thought were salvaged from a lost Leroy Jenkins collection (I always hated their crap). Turns out, they had Chelsea’s face on them. Definitely some flirting going on so do you think Ron cut her before or after the interview?

Oh yeah, Ron sat there in his sock-feet as well, but that’s because Chelsea gauges her sexual interest in a man by foot size. Nothing’s too unusual for Artest, he who once boarded the Lakers’ plane in his underwear.

Seen @ Necole’s

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