“I Play Music…”

02.25.09 9 years ago 19 Comments

…Because It’s Fun.

If you watch Attack of the Show! or are familiar with ESPN Page 2 writer Bill Simmons, you probably know the name Ronald Jenkees. If you don’t, your dorkiness is probably confined to the Internet like myself and you’ve been missing out on this Kentucky keyboard whiz for the past two years or so.

I was lucky enough to stumble across his sounds in the midst of bed-ridden sickness, when a good friend sent me a text message saying, “Go on YouTube and look up Ronald Jenkees. This guy is fucking sick!” Being a sucker for quality music, I waited until my head stopped throbbing, muscled up enough energy to stumble downstairs and followed command. I immediately searched Jenkee’s name in YouTube and played the first selection from this Jack Osbourne look-a-like, “Throwing Fire.” What I found was a musical remedy that made me feel much better than any dose of DayQuil or Theraflu ever could.

Not only does this guy completely annihilate his two keyboards with ease, he does so for the sole purpose of personal pleasure. Saying he genuinely enjoys it is an understatement. Watch the video for “Disorganized Fun,” and witness the purity shine through in his melancholy tones and goofy smile, directly after he shreds the zebra keys. “That was a really really fun one,” he says, practically blushing.

If gigs on G4 and ESPN weren’t enough, the quirky guy who started playing piano at age six is making his way towards a full fledged career in music. After needing to press up more copies of his self-titled debut due to overwhelming sales, Jenkees is already knee-deep into his second album. His MySpace page, featuring formatted jam sessions and straight rap bangers, is nearing a million plays. Above all, his music and attitude seem to rub off on anyone who listens. His recent comments read like that of a holy man’s. “Your music is food for the soul.” “Ur a true inspiration!!!!!” “You are truly one-of-a-kind. I love your passion about music and what it does for you and most assuredly the people who hear it. That passion must surely influence others to seek their own desires and influences.”

With his combo of sincerity and creative genius, how can you not love this guy?

Ronald Jenkees – Stay Crunchy

Ronald Jenkees – The Rocky Song Remixed

Ronald Jenkees – Throwing Fire

For more information on Ronald Jenkees, check out his Webpage, his MySpace and his YouTube Channel.

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