The Roots Ft. Raheem DeVaughn – “Tomorrow”

04.27.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Depending on how you look at it and listen to it, “Tomorrow” could be considered The Roots featuring Raheem DeVaughn or Raheem DeVaughn backed by The Roots since the singer’s vocals are the only ones heard on the newly released track. A lot of flexibility is there when you’re a band, instead of just a rap group.

When …and then is released on May 20, rest assured the song will fit perfectly into the final puzzle. Listen to the record below and check the album’s tracklist as well.

‘…and then you shoot your cousin’ Tracklist:

1. ‘Theme From the Middle of the Night’
2. ‘Never’
3. ‘When the People Cheer’
4. ‘The Devil’
5. ‘Black Rock’
6. ‘Understand’
7. ‘Dies Irae’
8. ‘The Coming’
9. ‘The Dark (Trinity)’
10. ‘The Unraveling’
11. ‘Tomorrow’
12. ‘Nothing’

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