Ruben Guerrero Calls Floyd Mayweather “Woman Beater” 1,000 Times In Fight Press Conference

05.02.13 5 years ago 23 Comments

Leading up to Floyd Mayweather’s fight against Robert Guerrero this Saturday, I couldn’t escape the feeling the bout lacked the normal buzz most “Money May” title matches usually bring. Well, Guerrero’s pops, Ruben, changed that nearly in the blink of an eye.

Mayweather and Guerrero – for the most part – have remained cordial with one another; a sharp contrast from Floyd’s in-your-face-persona which has overshadowed his near textbook-perfect skill in the ring at times. Yesterday marked the last press conference before Saturday night’s festivities. In efforts to likely generate more commentary surrounding the fight, Ruben may have effectively wrote his son’s eulogy and…umm…he ain’t even know it.

The elder Guerrero launched into a tirade guaranteeing his son would demolish “the woman beater;” a charge which caused Floyd to spend last summer in jail. The Blues Brother look-a-like continued his one-man rant all but begging Floyd and his camp to react by reinforcing the “woman beater” label several more times.

By the time Oscar de la Hoya stepped to the podium to diffuse the situation, the damage was done. What was once seen as a simple payday for Team Mayweather now became personal. The truly awesome realization about this debacle revolves around three Ruben-centered thoughts.

1. Ruben doesn’t have to get in the ring. His son does. And not to say Robert Guerrero isn’t a skilled boxer (he is), but the last thing you want to do to a competitor is give him a reason to compete even harder.

2. For the first time in who knows when, in Floyd’s corner will be his dad Floyd Sr. and his uncles Roger and Jeff Mayweather. Dealing with one Mayweather in the ring can drive a boxer crazy. But dealing with three more talking cash money sh*t the entire fight directly outside the ring? That’s enough to cause a nervous breakdown.

3. Ruben isn’t out the water either. Don’t be surprised if a melee erupts with all three elder Mayweathers stomping out Ruben with Black & Milds hanging out the sides of their mouths.

That being said, kudos to Ruben for at least adding a dose of spice to Cinco de Mayo-eve. It’s a damn shame a father is going to have to witness his son get his face caved in like Martin “Rawdog” Payne on account he couldn’t keep his mouth shut though.

Ed Note: As should have been mentioned in the original writeup, Ruben’s angst may have stemmed from Floyd’s comments saying while he was thrilled Robert’s wife survived her battle with leukemia, he was milking the story to gain fan support. Robert, of course, shrugged this off but released a press release stating he will be teaming “Be The Match Registry” to promote blood cancer awareness in association with Saturday’s fight.

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