Rudy Gay Freezes LeBron Then Dunks The Damn Ball

11.12.12 5 years ago 18 Comments

Hey, what’s better than seeing NorBel’s knees buckled? Well obviously it’s Chris Bosh getting caught matadoring on the same play, duh! Rudy Gay accomplished said play straight out of NBA 2K13 last night as the Grizzlies routed the Heat to the tune of 104-86. Notice how his wiry frame and deft handles eluded NorBel’s shiesty elbow on the way to the cup.

Memphis, Baltimore and the just members of the basketball world have plenty to cheer about after they press play here. Everyone else, just watch and bear witness to Rudy’s mix of speed, skill and flat-out unfair hops in one swoop…yes, even you Tinsley.

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