Myspace Presents Run The Jewels ‘Live At The Log Cabin’

09.19.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

run the jewels myspace

First and foremost, big f*cking shout out to Trackstar the DJ. It’s hard to put into words the joy you feel to see one of your own living his dreams. If I can accomplish even a sliver of what’s Track’s done, I’ll chalk that up as a win for me. I mean, the guy was on Letterman for Pete’s sake.And here he is again today, being broadcast across Myspace’s still expansive network in a supporting role for Killer Mike and El-P’s performance “Live At The Log Cabin” as part of the social network’s live performance series.

As for the performance itself, Mike and El kill it. Not too long ago, I missed their most recent stop through town because unfortunately I was in the middle of a move. But, this video serves as a small taste of what it would have been like. Killer Mike playfully talking shit and El just going “Full Retard.” And its only fitting for them to wreck every platform they can get because that album is one of the best of the year so far, and will remain that way. Yes, it’s a vivid contrast from their first collaboration on file, R.A.P. Music, but it’s of no less quality. R.A.P. was introspective, thought provoking music; RTJ is just pure, boastful, rappity-rap at its finest. Very different, but equally great in its own right.

Saying all of that, the peak point of this clip is El-P shouting out Trackstar. And yes, that may be because I’m slightly biased, but it is what it is. Until recently, the behind-the-scenes people have been strictly that. But with the Internet age in full bloom, all the pieces are stepping into the limelight. We now have adequate platforms for engineers, producers, managers, and DJs to share their contributions, and Track getting his share is just spectacular to see.


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