Russ’ ‘Do It Myself’ Proves He’s A One-Man Band

01.06.16 2 years ago

Russ rarely misses and he’s keeping the streak alive with his latest track, “Do It Myself.” He quietly put together a strong run last year, in which he shares the blueprint for success on a cut where he sings, raps and handles the production.

“Whole game hittin up my phone because my hooks beats and my raps
Only reason I pick up is cuz my family needs the cash
I just stumbled on my ex’s page that ass is gettin fat
Dreams I use to chase stopped runnin so now yall are gettin lapped
I always step up I’m clutch
This is planned this isnt luck
My advisor is my gut
Please don’t ever interrupt”

Russ explained the sentiments behind track: “This has been my approach to my entire career. No one taught me anything in this. I didn’t know anyone when I started.” So far, he’s been on the money and managed to come “a long way from 100 views.” When you’re winning like that, there’s not much reason to consult with anyone except the man in the mirror.

(Via HNHH)

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