Russell Westbrook’s Tomahawk Dunk Vs. Spurs Continues To Prove He’s Not Really Human

05.29.14 4 years ago 20 Comments

“Same lab were they made LeBron and Bledsoe. However, I’m pretty sure it’s shut down, as Russ trashed the place when he made his escape, then spent the next six months surviving alone in the Alaskan wilderness.”Aaron Smarter

You know, he might be right. An investigation is in order.

The fact Hustle Flexbrook is doing stuff like this (and this) and he’s coming off multiple surgeries on his knee is further proof God exists and he blessed certain people with X-Men-like abilities.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Russell Westbrook is the most violent dunker in the solar system. Buddy always attacks like the rim disrespected his mother or touched his car stereo without permission.

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