Russell Westbrook Lost His Damn Mind In Game 4

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05.27.14 19 Comments

When my friend Tim and I used to spend our days at his mom’s house playing NBA 2K10 all day, the crowning achievement of each game would be dunking on someone and making them fall. There were only a few animations in the game that allowed that, and no matter what the score was it was always humiliating. So because of that I always get giddy when the feat is achieved in real life.

I don’t fault the Spurs Corey Joseph for trying to defend Russell Westbrook because that’s his job. But I don’t envy him either. Joseph got dropped trying to keep up with Russ on a mean tomahawk dunk in the third quarter of Game 4, and Russ even gave him a quick, “hope I don’t get a tech” stare afterwards*.

Westbrook finished with 40 points, 10 assists and 5 steals as OKC won 105-92. With the return of Serge Ibaka in Game 3 neither team looks the same, the Spurs look old and slow while the Thunder look refreshed and tenacious on defense. And just like that, it’s a new series with momentum firmly in their hands.

* — Joseph got his revenge and then some by banging on Serge Ibaka.

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