How Ryan Hemsworth Almost Became A Music Journalist

05.23.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

Words By Ryan Hemsworth, As Told To Julie J.

In March the “Magical Properties 4” tour made a Seattle stop and Ryan Hemsworth afforded us a few minutes of conversation before his set. While the “Remix Ryan Gosling aka Mr. Steal Your Wifi” has made a strong name for himself as a DJ and producer, he wasn’t without a plan in case being a performer didn’t work out. In his own words, Hemsworth shared with us how music was always a part of his future, except he could’ve been writing about the people on stage instead of being up there himself.

Some people might not know this, but I used to be a journalist. But here’s the thing: music has always been number one to me and it’s always been my focus. I only went into journalism so I could write about music or musicians, and I definitely have more fun making music, playing shows and being able to tour.

And I know I made the right choice when I end up at places like South By Southwest. One of the cooler things that happened to me was when I played the Hype Hotel. I finished my set and this really suave dude walked right up to me. I was thinking that I knew this guy before he came up to me and said, “I’m Nicolas Jaar, and I really enjoyed what you did with that Ja Rule song.”

That sentence just blew my mind. I mixed that track with a Chrono Trigger song, and he was really down with it. So I was like, “that’s amazing. Can we, like, talk by the poolside right now?” Which happened, and was completely crazy to me because Nicolas Jaar is one of my favorite producers.

Or here’s another thing from when I was recently in Portland. Some dude brought me a Craig David CD, which was the best gift that I’ve ever been given. For a while I was obsessed with Craig David and I made it publicly known. And you could tell that this dude was an all-out fan–that he listens–because he noticed. People are starting to recognize me as a musician and my stuff.

Don’t get me wrong: writing is rewarding in its own way, and interviewing people is fun, too. Even though I never felt like I was that good of a journalist, it did help me realize when someone is starting up a blog and is desperate to get someone who was just posted on Pitchfork or something. They usually have really boring questions, and I can recognize those moments of beginning journalism.

But now I’m just rambling. That should be the title of this: “Ryan Hemsworth: Rambling And Mumbling.”

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