Ryshon Jones – “Poisoned Food For Thought”

12.22.13 4 years ago

ryshon jones

Ryshon Jones is a breath of fresh air. Sure, he’s not the most dynamic MC and never really has many recognizable features, but his content is always so vivid.

Via an almost disgusted flow, the Philly pen poet diagnoses his surroundings on this DRVNK-produced cut, wondering why we follow blind leaders and dive into deep, dark black holes that have few survivors. The passion is there and the music breathes, deeply. Whether his voice is loud enough may be the question.

While his upcoming and anticipated Track Fifteen album may very well be his megaphone, the always unsettled rapper has promised to deliver an impromptu freebie called Hope Is A Dangerous Thing on Dec 26, which will feature this and a handful of other new output. Listen closely.

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