The RZA Ain’t Got The Answers

04.23.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

rza-hot 97 interview

RZA talks, we listen.

That’s been the trend for 20 years, as true today as it was then. In an interview with the Hot 97 Morning Show, the Wu-Tang mastermind discusses everything: his upcoming movie Brick Mansions,, work ethic, turning aggression into creative energy.

And, of course, Raekwon’s “strike” from upcoming Wu projects.

RZA: What we’re not doing though, as brothers and as business brothers, is [spending] time together. So I gotta read about he feel, he’s gotta read about how I feel.

Peter Rosenberg: Why can’t you guys get together? Why can’t that happen?

RZA: If I had the answer to that question…

Rosenberg: You wouldn’t have this problem in the first place.

RZA: Exactly.

As Hip-Hop fans, the disconnect between the two Wu-Tang mainstays is akin to watching two close, personal family members fight. We all want everything in Wu-Land to be happy and productive. And based on what the RZA is saying, he’s on the same boat, blaming a lack of communication as the wedge nestled between the two.

The entire video is 40 minutes long, but the trio starts talking about Wu-relations around the 16-minute mark.

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