SA-RA – “The Bone Song”

06.15.09 9 years ago 13 Comments

Oddly enough, this is the most “accessible” song that I’ve heard from SRCP in ages…and even then it eclipses the competition. By accessible, I mean easy to digest, not hard to follow & could stand apart from the whole (which I previously said was hard for a SA-RA track to do). Lyrically, the words revolve around the chase of ass, which we all can relate to, supplemented by a syncopated drum track. If you’re shy for words in certain situations, this song is perfect to speak on your behalf. Cue it up, look in the passenger’s seat then ask “what you want to do girl?” Word up. Thank SA-RA later.


Download — SA-RA – “The Bone Song”

Props to J. Kim

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