Saba – COMFORTZone Mixtape

07.20.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

saba comfortzone

Up-and-coming Chicago emcee Saba’s finally dropped his ComfortZone mixtape, and if you’re at all familiar with these parts of the Internet, you’ll know we’ve kept an eye out for the guy.

Why? Well not only does he frequently collaborate with, as Jake accurately put it, “TSS favorite” Eryn Allen Kane, but his fast flow pairs well with the alternating trippy and soulful soundscapes he selects. Besides Ms. Kane, fellow Chicagoans Jamila Woods and MC Tree appear, among others, while Saba handles most of that aforementioned production.

Listen to the whole thing below, whether you’re hip to the Westside kid or not.

DownloadSaba – COMFORTZone Mixtape

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