Sacramento Keeps The Kings And It Only Cost A Record $530M

05.17.13 5 years ago 30 Comments

The tumultuous marriage between the city of Sacramento and the vagabond Kings franchise – a team that has called Rochester, Cincinnati and Kansas City home – is finally getting ironed out. For a whopping $535 million, the Maloof brothers will sell the Kings to a Sacramento-based investor group led by software billionaire Vivek Ranadive.

And so ends another drawn-out relocation battle. Only this time, the underdog won. Kevin Johnson’s grass-roots campaign took the wind out of Seattle-based Chris Hanen, who was this close to bringing the NBA back to the Emerald City. As sports fans, we have to tip our caps to the Sacremento fan base that made this possible. As Supersonics, Browns and whatever future fan-base loses their NFL team to Los Angeles can attest to, losing a team is worse than an infinite amount of losing seasons. It’s a pain that shouldn’t be wished on anybody.

So, hats off to Sac-town. Your only professional sports team can now focus exclusively on on-court matters, like what the hell to do with Demarcus Cousins. And, of course, thanking whoever that they no longer have to associate themselves with the insufferable Maloof brothers.

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