Is There A Price On Safaree Samuels’ Head?

05.13.16 2 years ago 4 Comments
Safaree Samuels

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Safaree Samuels thinks he’s Jim Carrey’s character from The Truman Show. Either that or he thinks he’s a part of some murder-mystery flick where the female puts a price on the head of her husband or ex for the insurance money. Here’s what the “aspiring rapper” tweeted about a phone call he got from prison recently.

This comes only a day after his famous ex Nicki Minaj was beside herself about the man hitting her with a lawsuit claiming emotional and physical abuse in their 12-year relationship. He’s not pointing fingers but the obvious inference is that Nicki has something to do with this “BIG” price on his head. The other option is that no one called him and he’s looking for attention right now.

He’s hurt and I would be too, but enough is enough, homie. That car following you is just a lost Uber driver and the clicks on your phone is just Verizon eavesdropping because you haven’t paid your bill yet. Plus, social media dry-snitching is the worst form of dry-snitching there is.

Something tells me he’ll be okay and will continue to think he’s the real life Truman Burbank, with all eyes on him because in his world, he’s a big deal. Turn off the Rockwell and come back to reality.

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