Sahtyre – “DMT” Video

04.05.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

On Sahtyre’s “DMT,” it’s aliens meets 808’s and there’s accompanying sci-fi themed visuals to complete the ensemble. It’s a creative record that’s quick to dispel any stereotypes that come to mind if you knew the emcee came up from the City of Angels. Sahtyre’s ominous lyrics over Kenny Segal’s eerie, thumping production combine smoothly on a track that’s far off the traveled road. Yes, there’s no gangbanging or lowriding, but “DMT” would likely fit in quite nicely as part of the score of Steven Spielberg’s next flick.

The outer space theme isn’t one that’s always openly accepted with Hip-Hop* (no, Weezy calling himself a Martian doesn’t count). However, it’s quite refreshing to see an emcee trying out something that’s equal parts unique and imaginitive, without fear of being criticized for it.

* – ATLiens remains a classic however.

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