‘Saints Row 4’ Was Going To Feature Stephen Colbert, “The Rock,” Dragons

03.24.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

What started as a Costco-brand alternative to Grand Theft Auto has evolved into one of gaming’s biggest cult hits, and if you aren’t already hip, upcoming Saints Row IV should give you the perfect opportunity to catch up. The next chapter in the series – we can toss adjectives around all we want, but the most fitting one might be “fun” – was announced earlier in the week and now details are trickling out.

Steve Jaros, resident of game designer Volition gave some pretty candid information to the folks over at IGN, talking about would-be content that never made the game’s final cut. Per Garos and IGN:

“So Volition changed the entire cast, cutscenes, dialog, game features, and mission scripting, and trashed a whole script, mo-cap shoots, and voice recordings. “[We] tossed ‘em all, because it wasn’t what we needed,” Jaros says. “That’s where we’re basing the Director’s Cut DLC on – elements we really liked but didn’t make a whole lot of sense to put them in the game.”

Scrapped ideas included: Stephen Colbert playing a fictitious President of the USA, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Meryl Streep playing important supporting roles, and a dragon. These zany, seemingly-indiscriminate features are why the Saints Row series is thriving in a gaming world brimming with titles that may take themselves just a bit too seriously. And, if these ideas never actually made it to the final copy of the game, one can only imagine how delightfully scatterbrained the retail version is. Be on the lookout when the title drops August 23rd.

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