Salma Slims Flashes Plenty Of Potential On Her Debut Mixtape ‘The Diary of Salma Slims’

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the diary of salma slims

Salma Slims labelmate MadeinTYO has garnered national attention with “Uber Everywhere,” a bouncy ode to the car service that seems to run the world now, and with the girl-approved “Kylie Jenner Lips.” As the first lady of Private Club Records, Salma isn’t leaning on MadeinTYO, instead choosing to forge her own lane on her debut mixtape The Diary Of Salma Slims.

The 10-track EP features fellow Private Club artists Royce Rizzy and MyNamePhin but is mostly Salma, left to her own devices and painting from her own palette. The Atlanta native shows off her versatility throughout, mixing various flows and cadences with some singing as well as displaying a wide range of subject matter. While she handles the Atlanta club music just fine, it’s the small pockets of introspection and vulnerability where she shines best.

On the title track “Diary,” she laments about wishing “My pops would just come around,” before ending the track with some Arabic. On the tape’s highlight “Slim Jim,” she effortless jumps from some melodic harmonizing about a night out getting liquor for free with her girls to raps about clocking into her 9-5 “Trying to make and trying to stay alive.”

Overall, Diary is a solid jumping off point for the promising Atlanta upstart where she manages to be solid enough to be enjoyable, but flash plenty of potential for growth at the same time. Stream The Diary of Salma Slims album below.

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