Want to Watch Santa’s Helper Wrap Gifts While High Off Cocaine, Ketamine and LSD ? Of Course You Do.

12.30.13 4 years ago 7 Comments

Sam Briggs Cocaine LSD Ketamine Gift Wrapping

This is Sam Briggs, and Sam Briggs worked as a gift-wrapping elf for charity in the lead-up to Christmas. Which is all well, good and perfectly nice, but there was a caveat to Briggs’ Christmas spirit: he was tripping his dick off a cocktail of cocaine, LSD and ketamine while he manned his booth.

His friends recorded Briggs’ reaction to having to interact with reality, which you can watch and creepily laugh at below. For the record, this isn’t Briggs’ first time seeing what could potentially kill his vibe. His buddies also filmed him talking with people in the streets earlier this year while Briggs was high off marijuana, ecstasy and magic mushrooms.

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