Mary J. Blige Joins Sam Smith For “Stay With Me” Video

06.03.14 4 years ago 17 Comments


British soulster Sam Smith is riding a Frank Ocean-esque wave of attention into his debut album, In The Lonely Hour — what with the accompanying intrigue over both his striking musical talent and his personal life (Smith revealed in an interview with the Fader that the album was inspired by a man, after having hinted that way in his video for “Leave Your Lover”).

“Stay With Me,” Smith’s first single to make significant noise in the U.S., had music types rushing to anoint him the “Male Adele,” and for good reason: the song doesn’t lack for larger-than-life vocals or sentimentality. As if to give it even more of an epic scale, Smith has reworked the track as a duet with none other than Mary J. Blige.*

While it might help caress the song on to R&B radio, there’s no denying the remix strips the original of some of its vulnerability while moving it closer to schmaltz territory. Check out the video to see if you disagree.

Smith’s In The Lonely Hour arrives in stores on June 17th. Pick up the mp3 for the remix on iTunes now.

* — Who is apparently the go-to R&B feature for cool British types.

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